Ossumniss is pronounced Awesomeness

Joyful, Local Awareness from Our Love of the Front Range


We are residents of the Front Range. This is the part of Colorado just east of the Rocky Mountains, where one finds such beautiful communities as Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver, and scads of others. We are here to inform you in an enjoyable way on the three overlapping topics of Joyful Lightness, Local Interest, and Mindful Awareness. Those topics can be a bit broad, to be sure. Read further for additional information on each.

Joyful Lightness

There is too much aggression in the world, and the massively interconnected and always-on news stream of digital media makes that painfully aware. While we have many very serious points to make, our mission is to do that in a light, joyful way. At times, there will be some obvious silliness, but never let that distract you from the serious of the core message.

Local Interest

While our love is worldwide, our immediate focus is in our back yard, so to speak. Other areas will certainly come up, like if we do a post on bear awareness, we would likely mention the recent deaths in California. The blinders aren't on, but our hearts are here. Conversations about gardening will focus on the Colorado growing season. Local legislation will be emphasized as we remain aware of national initiatives that will affect us locally as well.

Mindful Awareness

If this sounds silly to you, feel free to giggle while you read, but don't let that stop you from taking the subject seriously. Issues pertaining to personal health, physical fitness, lifestyle choices, environmental effects, and everything related to these topics are of tremendous interest. The information presented will be fact-based and highly relevant to residents of our gorgeous community.

Fun, Beauty, and Happenings

The bonus fourth category is a catch-all for whatever is on our minds and deemed worthy of attention. Absolutely anything is fair game, though you can bet it will tie somehow into at least one of the other categories above. So why mention it? To make sure you expect the unexpected. If the question is "Why are they posting this?" the answer is "Because we care."


If you want to read more about the people whose muscles turn the gears of Ossumniss Industries, click the Team link to learn more about us. The idea was born in the whiskey-addled collective brain of Kia and Terry. From there, they've recruited (and handsomely compensated) several accomplices to ensure you get the highest quality pictures, words, and hugs.